On Obama

Obama doesn’t fight for himself, he lets his surrogates and supporters do it for him. That way he can pretend he’s above the fray while getting his message across.

And then, when that support becomes inconvenient, he says some platitudes, gets rid of the surrogate, and all is forgiven. He did it with McClurkin, he’s done it with his pastor, wink-wink/nudge-nudge/hope-change, and there he is above all the noisy rabble, just waiting to be anointed.

Hypocritical and straight from the Rovian playbook. Great job Mr. Obama.



  1. montex said

    Where is the hypocrisy? I think you need to do better than make unsubstantiated claims without even the slightest hint of what the hypocrisy is. I think you just want to call Obama a hypocrite because it’s the “in” word for this years political campaign.

    I have never seen even a hint of hypocrisy from Obama. You must be one of those people who thinks Obama is responsible for every wrong his supporters have committed. You see Rev. Wright as a gift from god. But I don’t. Obama is a class act and you would have realized this by now if you had actually listened to his recent speech instead of fixated on the color of his skin.

  2. donolectic said


    I do not call him a hypocrite because “it’s the in thing to do,” I do it because I feel that he’s a sanctimonius douchebag. He’s a hypocrite because he claims to be above petty politics while doing the things that politicians do.

    I don’t view Reverend Wright as a gift at all. I do feel though that while Obama is a fantastic orator and good primary campaigner, he is not fully vetted as a candidate and this is going to cause problems for the democrats in the general election.

    Also, please don’t try to paint me with the racist brush because it’s bullshit. The idea that I would like Obama if he was white or dislike one of the other candidates if they were black is ludicrous. Why would you even make that assumption?

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