This may come as a shock to most of you, but I currently wish for Barack Obama to win the Democratic primary for three reasons in particular:

1) Obama’s economics speech at Cooper Union – This speech made all the wonky areas of my brain light up like Christmas. On top of that, I agreed with what he was saying.

2) Hillary’s sniper fire bullshit – This never should’ve happened because she knows better. “Misspoke” my ass. If getting kissed by little kids counts as sniper fire, then she got a frakload of experience as first lady.

3) Obama’s teflon exterior – Rev Wright happened and in the end, it not only didn’t hurt him it seemed to give him another sanctimonious platform and a boost to his polls. Americans love him like they love Reagan for reasons I still don’t understand.

Please note that this is not what I would deem support and I really would hate for it to be taken as an endorsement, but I do think that he’s the best chance for the Dems to win the Presidency at this time and I don’t think he’d fuck it up too badly should he gain the office. I still believe any of the top three candidates would be better than the current occupant.

Also, I believe Reagan will be on the money one day. In addition, politics are ludicrous and asinine and there’s a very great possibility that I am an idiot.



  1. Glavin said

    But, you’re not just an idiot….you’re a useful idiot. Brainwashing and un-critical thinking have led you to this moonbat point.

    We have a one-party system…..no different than the old USSR. Do your own research. Sure they fight among themselves for the power and perks. So do the executives at GE, for instance. But, ultimately, they all belong to the same club (literally and figuratively). Now, don’t you feel like the biggest sucker of all time? Please wake up. You’re doing more harm than good.

  2. donolectic said

    Ah Glavin, aren’t you just precious.

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