Bitter h8

The people who post on No Quarter, both the blogs and the comments, are part of the worst of the human condition.  After reading through this post, I decided to post a comment.  I know, I know, I’m a glutton for punishment.

Wow… I’m so glad that Hillary has the strength not to just wallow in her own angst and self-pity. A lot of the people who post here would do well to follow her example. Your hysterics are very embarrassing and, quite frankly, sad to see.

The primary season was hard fought. It was not stolen. She did an admirable job. She also made some pretty self-inflicted strategic mistakes. The party voted for Obama, just as it did for Kerry before, and Gore before that.

If you want to vote for McCain because you didn’t get your desired outcome in a fair fight, that’s fine, that’s your right. If you feel the need to become a Republican for that reason, I’m sure you’ll feel right at home with the Religious Right who have abandoned McCain because of an irrational idealogical litmus test.

Hillary has stepped up and shown herself a leader, willing to put aside her own personal ambitions for the sake of strong Democratic Party and a stronger America. I commend her and all that are standing with our party, our nominee, and the hope that, along with our nominee, America wins in this election. She understands what’s at stake and I can only hope that you at some point will as well.

Best of luck to all of us.

To quote John Stewart, they’re “hurting America.”  I understand their passion, but the way they’re using it for evil makes me bitter an cynical.  It’s like Nader, redux.

P.S> I don’t see how equating McCain with Clinton, as they are suggesting by voting for the Republican nominee, actually helps their cause.  Not that I should be thinking anything they’re doing makes sense, but damn.  Not the flag to try and rally people around.

P.P.S> Usually I don’t do this sort of thing (I don’t post on Kos or Redstate for instance), but as a former Hillary supporter who switched, maybe I thought I could change a mind or two. To quote my roomie: “I think the conduct of former skeptics now for obama in these kinds of conversations could have a marginal impact.”

Here’s to hoping. 🙂 

P.P.P.S> Assholes with conspiracy theories are some of the worst.  I had to remove myself and rejoin the reality based community.


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