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KanYe West : Graduation

I’ve always enjoyed KanYe and Graduation is one of those albums that you either love (cuz of KanYe) or you hate (cuz of KanYe). The man has talent and he knows it, but his “My head is so big/You can’t sit behind me” ego can definitely get grating at times. The album’s incessant self-ego boosting simply demonstrates his insecurity underneath it all and I long for the day when Ye is secure enough in his greatness that his music can speak for itself.

Just so everyone knows, I don’t really dislike any song on the album, but I’m not going to call them all out – just the ones that I feel a particular need to comment on.

Note: I’m a pure pop junkie who’s fave band is the Pet Shop Boys, but I’ve got love for everything. If it moves me, I’m there.

I first got swallowed up by Stronger. The fusion of Daft Punk plus KanYe, makes for some incredible brain hooks… this song holds on and doesn’t let go. The video just adds to the wonder – it’s all sleek, strong, and the strong Akira references add an entirely new dimension to the song. It’s like crack.

(KanYe, we all know the blonde dyke is Ellen. Stop frontin’! ;))

If you can listen to Good Life and not come away from this song feelin’ it, I feel for you. Not quite crack, but close. Very nice, very summer-y groove.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing is hard, really hard, and very much a big fuck you song. Resonates with anyone who grew up under the Money = Success banner, who don’t like that game but recognizes it exists and uses that to his advantage.

Barry Bonds blows my mind, the references, lyrics, the beats, and KanYe rocks it. It’d be one of my favorites for sure if I didn’t hate the way Lil’ Wayne’s voice sounds… his rhymes rock, but h8 for his insect-y scratchy voice.

The “what the fuck was he thinking” track is just… well damn, the title speaks for itself. Drunk and Hot Girls is kinda amusing, but mostly lame and too boring to support its length. And, honestly, when I first heard it I thought to myself “if I were a boyband from the 90s trying to make a comeback, I’d make a song like this.” Not that I don’t dig on the boy bands (see my note above), but it’s a song that makes you feel dirty for any bit of enjoyment you can manage to wring outta it. ‘Nuff said.

There’s one track on this album that reaches down inside of you and touches your soul: Everything I Am. Wow, KanYe is real on this track, up close and personal real, allowing you to see his true fragility underneath the ego armor. Its the one that moves your heart, that makes you feel and understand what, and who, KanYe really is.

The premise of Big Brother is basically KanYe saying “I love you Jay, you’re my idol, I praise you by being so completely awesome myself, please validate me!”

Overall, good album. It’s got great beats and some really amazing tracks and has been playing non-stop on my iPod since I got it. Much<3 to KanYe… can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

P .S> The album art gets a thumbs up all its own.


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