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“I think if Seattle were a person it would be an asian baby gangster and it would drive a cute little purple honda with a really big spoiler and one of those silly tail pipes that sounds like a playground full of children farting.”

-Queen_of_Sleaze via SLOG


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Dear University of Washington football fans,

You people are fucking crazy. What sort of whack job holds law school money hostage over football?

My mind boggles.

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Ken Hutcherson

Reading the “Notes from the Prayer Warrior” on Slog is a love/hate thing for me because Hutchy is one of those local scumbags (Tim Eyman being another) who makes me go all Mrs. White with rage.

Also – preserving the morals the country was founded on… like slavery?

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Transit and Roads (Prop 1/RTID)

Note: I posted this in the Slog.

Cressona gets a little hyperactive at times, but I could easily find myself in the same boat. Quite frankly, I agree with her on this issue and I applaud her for the effort she puts into it. To me, this vote is a bellweather about what direction Seattle wants to take. If it’s voted down, I plan on moving to a city that has been brave enough to make the right choice. A city like Chicago. Or maybe San Francisco. And, in the process, I’ll leave Seattle to the people like Will because I know that’s not a Seattle that I want to be in.

The reality of the situation is that both packages fail on their own separately, but they pass when combined. That’s compromise, that’s why the legislature slapped it together that way. The legislature is saying that time for the swimming lessons is over – it’s time to sink or swim.

This is our region’s best chance to work together to make something great happen for all of us. I like the idea of being able to get on a train on Capitol Hill and be able to get to Tacoma. Or be able to come back and not have to get off until I’m in the U District. Or that someone in Everett could do the same trip if they wanted without ever being on a road. The fact that these communities (and the Eastside) want to work together with Seattle for the good of the whole is quite frankly amazing. It’s forward thinking and it recognizes that shared regional community and coming together for common goals. Will’s lesser Seattle fantasy (ie, “fuck Tacoma for being founded, they deserve it”) quite frankly scares the shit outta me. The region as a whole is growing and we have a chance to set it, as a region, on a better course. Ron Sims isn’t thinking regionally, he’s thinking county locally. Will’s lesser Seattle mindset says “‘burbs having rail is sacrilege.” Have you seen the growth in Bellevue? They’re moving beyond their Kemper Freemans and are doing growth right. We joke about the snotty rich, but the Mercer Island folk are willing to give up their SOV in HOV access for light rail to work on I-90. The cities in this region are willing to do this in order for our region to grow succesfully. This package is about numerous intricate layers of compromise to reach a regional solution.

The roads package doesn’t bother me. In my opinion we’re making needed infrastructure improvements. I hate cross base highway, but I’m not a single issue voter. We’ve settled presidential elections via litigation, so I have a hunch that cross base won’t survive the onslaught it’ll have going it’s way if somebody decides to actually try to make the thing. Oh, and I’ve got nuttin’ against park and ride lots either if it encourages transit use.

All of that is why I’m voting yes. This transit package is NOW kiddies. Not tomorrow.

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