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Rick Warren Invocation

I don’t see how someone could be gay or lesbian and not be offended by President-elect Obama’s choice of virulent anti-gay evangelical Rick Warren to give his invocation at his inauguration. I think that there would be a number of better people for him to choose that would not reinforce the notion that homos are non-entities to the Obama administration.

Am I surprised by it? No. It’s a brilliant strategic move politically and Barack Obama is a politician. In fact, he’s an absolutely brilliant politician. He’s going to do the things that will give him more political power at very little expense to himself. This is why he’s willing to give us shoutouts in his acceptance speech which make us homos feel toasty inside but carry little political baggage, but wouldn’t forcefully denounce the Yes on 8’s campaign, even when they used his image in their campaign mailers to remove rights from California citizens – that would be too risky politically with an uncertain benefit to him.

I don’t believe that homos are going to directly benefit from an Obama administration, except where it’s politically convenient or beneficial for us. Will we indirectly benefit? Absolutely – I don’t think he’s going to actively set us back like the Republicans would have. But I also don’t think he’s going to move us forward either, he’s not going to spend political capital on our issues, unless it was a plus for him politically.

Maybe we’ll get some indirect benefit from the Warren invocation crap in the form of being able to get ENDA passed or DADT repealed. I don’t see much hope for a complete DOMA repeal until his second administration, if at all. We’ll also indirectly benefit from a gay friendlier administration and judicial appointments. Maybe in the end we’ll actually have some net pluses out of an Obama administration, because it’s definitely possible if there’s a positive for Obama in there.

In summary, I’m happy for the indirect benefits that a Democratic administration will bring and when it comes to actual policy, I don’t think that we’ll move backwards over the next four or eight years. But forwards? I’m not holding out hope. Reality is that hope/change only exists within the world of politics and the art of the possible.


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Primary Fatigue

I’m suffering from primary fatigue. At this point, I want Obama to just be crowned because if he’s not, his supporters will be insufferable – more so than they are now. Maybe he’ll win and maybe he’ll be a good president and if both those things are true I’ll feel very relieved.

If he doesn’t win, then my fears about him being able to fight and win will have been justified (it’s all on him if he loses) and we get President McCain and my preferred candidate can attempt to win the nomination again when she feels it’s time.

At the very least, all the candidates from the two main political parties are a step up from the current occupant. Not ideal, but a step above.

To quote a commenter on the SLOG, this all feels like it should be a lot more fun and exciting than it’s turned out to be and I’m just ready for it to be over.

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On Obama

Obama doesn’t fight for himself, he lets his surrogates and supporters do it for him. That way he can pretend he’s above the fray while getting his message across.

And then, when that support becomes inconvenient, he says some platitudes, gets rid of the surrogate, and all is forgiven. He did it with McClurkin, he’s done it with his pastor, wink-wink/nudge-nudge/hope-change, and there he is above all the noisy rabble, just waiting to be anointed.

Hypocritical and straight from the Rovian playbook. Great job Mr. Obama.

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Questions We’d Like to See Posed to the GOP Candidates

(Snagged from Balloon Juice via SLOG)

1.) “Would you have sex with a man to stop a terrorist attack?”
2.) “If lowering taxes results in increased revenues then would lowering taxes to zero result in infinite revenues?”
3.) “If you had a time machine, would you travel back in time and abort Bin Laden?”
4.) “Would you torture and kill Jesus to ensure mankind’s salvation? And how does that work?”
5.) “If Russia entered Turkey from the rear would Greece help?”
6.) For Rudy specifically: “How many alimony checks does the sanctity of marriage cost?”

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